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About one month ago, I started taking Hairtality Vitamins from Kalfar health which is a multivitamin for hair that should prevent hair damage, reduce hair loss and increase hair growth. I definitely feel that this is a good supplement for healthier hair, as I felt my hair getting healthier, stronger and more voluminous with the vitamin. However I haven’t felt any growth yet, but I have only been taking it for one month, so I guess you’ll need to take the vitamins for a longer periode of time before noticing hair growth.
One thing I need to point out from my own experience, is always to take the vitamins on a full stomach! I did the mistake of taking them on an empty stomach in the morning and had to run to the toilet 5 minutes after… haha, I learned from that mistake! I started taking them after breakfast and didn’t experience any troubles at all! (:  

I really like that the vitamin is filled with natural oils which is perfect for summer when the sun and salt water is drying out our hair. I also like to add some natural Argan Oil to my hair after I showered or if my hair feels dry, and before going out in the sun I add some UV sun protection for hair since I’m so afraid the sun will bleach my hair so it goes blond, hah. How are you protecting your hair during summer, any good tricks? I would love to hear them! 

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