About us

KalFar Health is founded on the belief that everyone can live a healthier life. This is effective to start from within. For this reason KalFar Health are proud to have launched a wide range of lifestyle vitamins and minerals. A. Our products infuse our expert selected minerals and vitamins.

Hair vitamins for healthy hair growth. Black Seed Oil combined with Biotin, Zinc and Selenium for longer, stronger and healthier hair

KalFar Health was founded in December 2015 by two passionate pharmacists who both had a vision to change the multivitamin industry. The Partners both visioned that formulas which combine both the essential vitamins and mineral with essential oils are more effective than just normal conventional multivitamins. They were able to collaborate their medical and molecular knowledge to create effective cosmetic products that can be enjoyed by all our customers.

The two co-founders met at the Pharmacy Show and both shared their enthusiasm for the health industry. We at KalFar Health will aim to produce the best premium products to help with a variety of common day ailments. We hope that you trust our product and we will continue to push our boundaries and always listen to our precious customers, to develop new and innovative product.